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A series of products that are built around our large database of magazine and online advertising.

We also monitor exhibitors in tradeshows in the same manner as we monitor magazine ad tracking.

Helping publishers sell an extra page of advertising before next issue's closing date.

A way to leverage the editorial support you give companies.

Helping trade show organizers attract additional exhibitors to their trade shows.

A website-tracking system for helping you sell online advertising.

Helping advertisers and agencies prepare for their media plans.

An investor's eye-view of selected players in the magazine industry.

A free insight into the health of the magazine publishing industry in the U.S.A.

Enabling publishers to take control of the cost and the quality of this very vital sales expense.

A powerful module to help prepare forecasts for your sales force quickly and effortlessly.

Territory Wizard™ gives publishers the ability to assign territories and make any necessary adjustments for The Auditor ad-tracking reports.

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Ext. 105, jim@ims.ca