Introducing electronic tearsheets
With PoP electronic tearsheet solution, you are now able to eliminate all the work and costs associated in attaching hard copy tearsheets to invoices when you bill your advertisers.

Our electronic tearsheets include all the details that you need to know such as edition, issue, insertion order and media. We also give you the front cover and the before and after pages.

Here's what else you get:
An electronic file of every tearsheet of every ad in every magazine published by your company.

A green solution. No more tearing pages out of your magazines. Every tearsheet of every ad is filed electronically and available with just a few clicks.

A complete virtual copy of every issue of every title published by your company.

Do away with the filing and storing of actual copies of your magazines. Every issue is accessible online and available 24/7. Easy to find and easy to retrieve.

A searchable database of every piece of creative placed by every advertiser along with the history of where it has been used across all titles published by your company.

An excellent tool in promoting cross selling across titles, products and brands. Available instantly.

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