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Minerva Services
Minerva Software
Minerva Software

Tools that will enhance the future success of all of your fund-raising activities.

We have been pioneers in the development of web-based data solutions and are recognized leaders in many industry segments. With this experience, we bring you tools to help with all your fund-raising activities, such as:

  • Donor Management:
    • Password protected, real-time interaction with a single database.
    • Control the user-privileges for donor services, development office, tele-fundraisers.
    • Powerful search engines to find donors, maintain history and avoid adding dupes.
    • User-defined flags, hot lists and notes fields for stewardship management.
  • Donation Processing:
    • Set-up pledges, accept donations, batch management, deposit reconciliation.
    • Secure online credit card processing and pre-authorized payments.
    • Split transaction processing and campaign management tools.
    • Tax receipt and thank you mail-merge tools.
  • Online Reporting:
    • Over 25 dynamic reports each with "point & click" sorting and filtering.
    • Reports include drill-through and drill-down to detail capabilities.
    • Reports built from base transaction therefore detail is only a click away.
    • Query Tool for custom reporting and donor selection.
  • Other Services Include:
    • Membership services
    • Special events management.
    • Campaign management.
    • Volunteer Management.
    • Automatic FREE upgrades, training and telephone support.

For more information or to sign up for a demo, please visit: www.webminerva.com