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True Response
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True Response

Making sure publishers get all the credit for leads that emanate from their publication - both in hardcopy & online formats.

With the ever growing reality of magazine readers turning directly to the web rather than mailing a reader service card, publishers do not get their due credit for bringing an advertiser and reader together. That is until now! IMS introduces True Response, a method for allowing publishers to reclaim that credit.

Here is how it works:

  • A coded URL is placed under each ad or editorial piece; it's as easy as stripping in RS numbers.
  • The URL is unique to each advertiser and is issue specific.
  • The reader will enter this URL into their web browser.
  • Our IMS server will record the hit, including the time and date it occurred.
  • The reader will seamlessly get redirected to the advertiser's "true" website.
Leads are delivered to the advertisers in a single, easy-to-use lead package, either electronically or via printed labels.

Results are also posted over our award winning eBasket technology providing publishers and sales reps with a comprehensive report package for each of the program sources on an advertiser-by-advertiser basis, as well as in a summary format.

When combined with data from other services provided by IMS, you have a complete picture of each advertiser's promotional activity.

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