Lead Generation

Improve your advertiser's ROI

IMS LeadGen solutions help publishers unleash the power of their franchise by increasing the number and quality of sales leads delivered to their advertisers.

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Your advertisers can now see the power of your brand as a sales lead generator.

All Leads in One Place

We give you all the leads generated for any given advertiser across all of your lead capture systems: Email Campaigns, Event & Webinar Registrations, Display Ads, Marketing Automation, White Papers, Call Centers and many others.

Scheduled Lead Delivery

We automatically send out aggregated lead packages to your advertisers in a professional looking email. No manual process required.

CRM Integration

We export all leads to your CRM, Audience Development or Marketing Automation System, so that you can take advantage of ONE unified data structure.


Our Successful Lead Generating Programs

Your sales reps can now leverage many of our programs into more pages of advertising by tapping into a broad range of channels for readers to request or access information.


Using proactive e-mail programs that help publishers increase lead volumes for their advertisers.

eResponse is an innovative product that finds new methods of reaching readers and increasing sales leads for advertisers. It is an email delivery of your latest issue's reader service offerings designed to increase direct response to your magazine.


Helping media companies deliver feature-rich, responsive mass eNewsletters.

IMS offers customized mass e-mail newsletters that will enhance your brand and provide increased lead volumes for your advertisers. We can help you develop, create and deploy an eNewsletter at a cost that will surprise you.

Online Webcard

Connect your readers and advertisers (and generate leads) directly through your own website.

Reduce the connection time between the reader and your advertiser. By using your magazine's web page as a portal, readers can request information in just a few quick clicks. Leads are delivered to the advertisers in a single, easy-to-use electronic lead package.

Branded Info Request Forms

Don't have a solution for lead capture forms?

No problem, IMS can help you setup a variety of branded request forms for your advertisers and their products. The more traffic you drive to these forms, the more leads your advertisers get. Leads are delivered to the advertisers in a single, easy-to-use electronic lead package.

Product Spotlight Email

Content rich push-email program that generates quality leads

The Product Spotlight gives your advertisers what they want - QUALIFIED leads with full contact details and demographics. Highly customizable, this push-email program allows you to deploy advertorial/editorial content for any number of advertisers in one single email.

Advertiser Direct Email

Push-email program that leverages existing email creative

With Advertiser Direct Email, you can leverage the existing email content (your advertisers have already developed) and COMBINE it with our lead generation and fulfillment services. These highly targeted push-emails generate a great number of new leads for participating advertisers.

Directories, Sweeps & Contests

Customized websites with lead-capture capabilities

Our proprietary system is maintained by a full-scale internal team of graphic designers, developers and PMs. We work with clients to conceive, develop and deploy a wide range of eMarketing solutions, all supported by a robust back-end response tracking system.

The ROI Report

Consolidate leads generated across EACH lead platform into ONE ROI-focused report!

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It Doesn't Matter How Good Your Lead Generation Efforts Are If Your Prospects Don't Receive Your Marketing Materials Fast.

Our Print-on-Demand fulfillment solution seamlessly integrates with our leadgen platform so you can take full advantage of internally or externally generated leads. We can capture and convert a request for information to a printed piece quickly and mail it effortlessly.

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