Ad Tracking

See all your sales leads in one place

IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE your customers choose to spend their marketing dollars. We'll find their advertising and deliver it to you and to your sales team – DAILY!

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ONE place, 4 advertising revenue channels:

  • Expand your selling potential

    Your sales team can follow 300,000 active advertisers across all 4 mediums, all in ONE place!

  • Get comprehensive advertising picture in minutes

    Your sales reps can now follow an advertiser's TOTAL spend from one channel to another. Powerful graphs and KPIs that make seeing trends easy. No training required.

  • Construct your best pitch based on 4 integrated channels

    Your sales team will receive sales leads from 4 INTEGRATED advertising channels. The new sales leads are pushed to your reps daily!

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A better way to identify your best prospects

We now track all the high-yield advertising that is running on your Competitor's websites.

Whitepapers, podcasts, video, webinars, partner programs, webcasts, paid or supplied content and more — analyzed and reported back to you in a number of easy ways that highlight your opportunities.

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Creating clarity from the clutter in the Digital-Ad Space

WebSpyder is designed expressly for media owners that recognize the power of a well armed sales team.

Harvesting advertising activity across competitor websites provides sales and management with valuable insights that help to identify opportunity and form strategy that optimizes resources so they spend more time casting where 'the fish are biting'.

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Alert-based Integrated Sales Platform

  • Online - A Website-tracking system to help you to sell digital advertising.
  • Print - Helping publishers sell an extra page of advertising before next issue's closing date.
  • Events - Helping event organizers attract additional exhibitors and sponsors to their trade shows and conferences.
  • Newsletters - Helping publishers sell more newsletter advertising.
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Sponsorship & Exhibitor Monitoring in the Tradeshow & Conference Space

EventTracker is designed for media owners to help to identify prospects by analyzing sponsorship and exhibitor activity in any given market. EventTracker delivers valuable insights that reduce booth- and sponsorship-selling costs, improve sales results, and expand your Tradeshow or Event business in new directions.

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Popcorn — The Editorial Pitch

Do your competitors editorially support your advertisers as well as you do?

Not only can you see what editorial support you provide to your clients, but also what your competitors provide to the very same clients. All in ONE comparative report package. Stake a claim to more support and greater coverage. Have ALL the proof to back it up. Creative included.