Digital Ad Sales Intelligence

WebSpyder reveals deep insights into the way your customers, your competitors (other media owners) and ad networks interact. WebSpyder reduces ad-selling and customer prospecting costs, improves sales results, and expands your business in new directions.

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Better Ad Sales Decisions

Arming you with the tools and information you need to optimize your digital advertising strategy across Desktop, Mobile and Video channels.

Built for Media Owners

Designed expressly for Media Owners that recognize the power of a well-armed sales team.

WebSpyder data is powered by 'high-spec' crawling technology used to monitor hundreds of thousands of Media Owner desktop sites, video and mobile sites, and mobile apps worldwide.

By tracking and monitoring every campaign it encounters, WebSpyder provides invaluable information on what's working and what's not, by analyzing your competitor's online advertising inventory, uncovering the results from their high, medium and low spend activity.

WebSpyder allows sales reps to treat the competitive advertising activity, as though those were their own sales leads! This is huge.

  • WebSpyder allows sales reps to look at their world through a competitive lens. They're able to see, not just the data, but the fact that potential accounts are not running with them, but are running elsewhere.
  • WebSpyder makes it extremely obvious how the reps might use their sales time most effectively and efficiently.
  • WebSpyder gives sales reps a full understanding of the competitors’ websites and what they are doing with their ad sales effort.
  • WebSpyder automatically reverse-engineers your competitors' sales playbook.

Deep Data: Big Data Analyzed By Intelligent Software

WebSpyder extracts, aggregates, and analyses an immense amount of data in order to provide actionable insights for your needs, on the sites you choose to monitor.

With WebSpyder, you can uncover your competitors' digital advertising inventory, stay up-to-date in real-time with changes and movements in your competitive space and find the best performing traffic sources, creative campaigns, and advertisers in order to grow your client base.

Our data is tuned to deliver the greatest volume of advertising assets from each site you wish to track. Exploring these Digital Assets allows WebSpyder to deliver those ads you never see, the greatest breadth of creative and the most opportunities to accurately forecast resources against potential market coverage. It opens up a whole new vista of prospecting.


Data Delivery

It is simple: we tailor data delivery to each customer's unique requirements.

Pre-canned Reports

Many of our customers get their data delivered into a dashboard system or series of reports that we build for them. It's pre-canned and you can't go wrong with it. You log in, select what you're looking for, and the data that you want instantly appears on the page in front of you. It allows users to get in, get access to the data quickly, and get out.

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Data Feeds

Some customers choose to get their data in a feed. It's the raw data that is delivered to the customer on a scheduled basis. Many of our customers use this approach to manipulate the data inside their own BI (Business Intelligence) or CRM tools.

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One of the coolest ways we can deliver data is Tableau. It's extremely flexible, it's fast and it looks amazing. Tableau can take any data we collect in near real time and allow the user to run analytics or understand that data in a visual form. Not only can you do the same type of 'rows-and-columns' reports you see in Excel, but you can visualize data in a whole different way: with graphs, charts, heat maps, geo maps and much more. This makes it more appealing and powerful than looking at a series of rows and columns.

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