Digital Ad Sales Intelligence, Now Includes

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We now track all the high-yield advertising that is running on your Competitor's websites.

Whitepapers, podcasts, video, webinars, partner programs, webcasts, paid or supplied content and more — analyzed and reported back to you in a number of easy ways that highlight your opportunities.

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Better Ad Sales Decisions

Arming you with the tools and information you need to identify your best prospects.

Built for Media Owners

Designed expressly for Media Owners that recognize the power of a well-armed sales team.

Sponsored Content reports give you a full understanding of your market place and show you every Podcast, Whitepaper, Sponsored Content, Webinar, Webcast, Video sold in your market. This is the best way to reverse engineer your competitors' sales playbooks!

Sponsored Content allows reps to look at their world through a high-yield, high-ROI lens. They're able to see, not just your typical ad inventory, but the fact that potential accounts are running their content elsewhere.

Sponsored Content is at the leading-edge of digital ad sales. Just about every serious sales rep should use it daily to have a strong, working sales pipeline.

With Sponsored Content from IMS you can answer the following questions:

  • What high-yield advertising is running on sites that that are competitive to yours?
  • Where are they spending it (Podcasts, Whitepapers, Sponsored Content, Webinars, Webcasts, Videos etc.)? How are they spending it?
  • What do those buys actually look like?
  • Has competition introduced a new Sponsored Content format or something you did not know about?
  • And more...

Create clarity in your digital advertising landscape...

... by tracking whitepapers, podcasts, video, webinars, partner programs, webcasts, paid or supplied content in your market.

Just some of the analytics you'll be receiving:

  • URL where the Sponsored Content was located
  • The actual content that was run (archived and available if it's ever removed)
  • Do they run on any other digital platforms
  • Sponsored Content Category (Webinars, Video, Whitepapers, etc.)
  • Published Date
  • Number of followers and links to advertiser’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages
  • and 20+ more data points

Sponsored Content from IMS will identify your best prospects, boost your revenue and help you create clarity in your digital advertising landscape.


Data Delivery

It is simple: we tailor data delivery to each customer's unique requirements.

Pre-canned Reports

Many of our customers get their data delivered into a dashboard system or series of reports that we build for them. It's pre-canned and you can't go wrong with it. You log in, select what you're looking for, and the data that you want instantly appears on the page in front of you. It allows users to get in, get access to the data quickly, and get out.

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Data Feeds

Some customers choose to get their data in a feed. It's the raw data that is delivered to the customer on a scheduled basis. Many of our customers use this approach to manipulate the data inside their own BI (Business Intelligence) or CRM tools.

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One of the coolest ways we can deliver data is Tableau. It's extremely flexible, it's fast and it looks amazing. Tableau can take any data we collect in near real time and allow the user to run analytics or understand that data in a visual form. Not only can you do the same type of 'rows-and-columns' reports you see in Excel, but you can visualize data in a whole different way: with graphs, charts, heat maps, geo maps and much more. This makes it more appealing and powerful than looking at a series of rows and columns.

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